curricular activities are paramount importance for the pupils in the development of personality and leadership , These activities prepare them of face the challenges of life.Inter personal skills confidence , poise and reliability are some of qualities developed through curricular activities. these activities include The curriculum is based on the principle that children learn best through direct, hands-on experiences that allows them explore the world around them. During this constant learning process, children are encouraged to discover their environment by exploring and playing.

The wonderful teachers have created a affordable public schools in delhi and a curriculum using the strategies below to help the children develop their spiritual, social, emotional, gross motor, fine motor and cognitive development. As teacher, we understand that each child grows and develops differently. So that children that participate in class will be encouraged to learn and develop these skills at their own pace through a variety of different hands-on activities.

 Extra Curricular Activities

  • Drama.
  • Debate.
  • Talent Development.IMG_0028-215x300
  • Quiz.
  • sports.
  • Dance (Indian and Western)Music (Vocal and Instrumental).
  • Art and Craft.
  •  Spoken English and Communication Skills, Grammar.
  • Yoga  Facilities.
  • Innovative Concepts.
  • Colorful class room with different themes.
  • Indoor Games.
  • Outdoor Games.
  • Activity room.
  • Dramatic Play.
  • Vocabulary Skills.
  • Modern Teaching Aids.IMG_0030-216x300
  • Affordable Fee Structure.
  • Transport Facility.
  • Yoga Classes.
  • Audio Visual Room.
  • Computer Aided Learning.
  • Tuitions after school.
  • Medical Facility.
  • Dotball Pool.
  • Doll House.
  • Smart Classes.